Gracious Giving


TEMENOS, Ukraine's Science of Mind Community, is a partnership of East and West. Generous donations from the West support the education and expansion of prosperity consciousness and models to the East branch of TEMENOS how gracious giving works to give back to where we are spiritually fed.

FIRST, we ask for your prayers and to consciously know with us that we are fully supported to grow and prosper in support of expanding Science of Mind in Ukraine.

SECOND, we ask you to make a generous financial gift as outlined below.

THIRD, we ask if you have a talent or time to assist us that will support our service in Ukraine (such as grant writing, PR, Marketing, teaching, workshop presenting, carpentry, event production, stage design, teaching english as a 2nd language, audio / video production, administrative and organization). If you do please contact us to let us know how you can partner with us in Ukraine. (our complete wish list)

Your support and ongoing commitment makes this teaching and way of life available to all who seek greater joy, love, happiness, health and abundance in their lives, families, communities and the world.

This is our primary financial request — please pledge to a monthly amount and set up automatic deduction by clicking the Monthly Deduction button below.

Otherwise, you can make any donation you wish by clicking the General Donation button to your left.

Additionally, please let us know if you would like to contribute to our newly established Endowment Program and/or to our Charitable Giving program of gifts of stocks or bonds, real property or saleable assets, annuities and bequests and we will be in touch for a conversation about long term well being for us all.


Email Rev. Barbara

(To view our wish list, Click here)




The natural pattern is for life to flow, expand & give its abundance; our
job is to accept, receive and share it, keeping the pattern of circulation moving. This activity serves each individual and the greater good.

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