My Morning Wake-up Call
by Rev. Barbara Leger


I think of myself as a fairly responsible, environmentally conscious person, but I know that my life is part of the problem. I want support and help to change. I am filled with sorrow and shame for not responding to this crisis with my time, treasure and talent. If I don’t and we don’t then who will?

  Look at the condition of this beautiful bird above my message; it’s anguish so clear, just look and feel it. Yes it is a spiritual, divine living creatures but it will end its life being weighed down by black crude oil, and soon it will drown, not simply because of the oil spill, but underneath it, because of my reliance, lack of appreciation and often overuse of our precious resources. I must wake up to the impact that my consumptive way of life has on this precious planet. This photo touches such deep sadness that I am still weeping and I am begging forgiveness from this pelican, and every pelican, from every fish, fowl, plant, fisherman, farmer, kid who used to play on that beach and all the others affected by this disaster. I am asking forgiveness for my lack of stewardship of our amazing earthly home and my apathy to think I could wait for someone else to do it.

God I feel tormented by this feeling which wells up in me - the pain of all these creatures. I turn my own anguish to compassion through love and through determination to be part of the solution. How can I change to give more than I take, to appreciate and protect what is precious? I pray. For 2 months now I have had in my daily prayers the well being of our planet, the harmony and cooperation between humans and all the rest of living beings and the ecosystem that keeps us alive, and the solution for the rapid clean up of this tragedy. And I feel I must do more.

On the one hand we can sit and watch ‘planet earth’ or go the movie OCEAN and thrill to the natural beauty and rave about the exquisite nature or the filming of our natural home, and then in the next moment we are planting lawns, watering the sidewalk half the time and spilling this precious life giving substance - WATER - down the drain. We rail at the oil spill, the culpability of British Petroleum, and yet we won’t turn off the sprinklers earlier, plant drought resistant plants and ground cover, and we still leave lights on, drive to the store a 5 minute walk away and avoid carpools cause they aren’t so convenient.

I know it is challenging to consume less, to give more attention to the real true meaning of life rather than getting caught needing a bigger this or more of that – it is so easy to justify our excesses….most everyone does it and we feel the safety in numbers.

My father used to tell me, when, as a 18 year old, I would rail on about the inequality between people or the need for more conscious use of our resources, that, it would only be from a HUGE CRISIS that people would be willing to change our habits of comfort, style, power and control. How much bigger a crisis do we need than this? Where is the solution to this oil spill? With all our genius we cannot be responsible for the messes we make. The whole thing brings me to my knees.

If, as a society, we do not respond with a personal reduction of dependency of oil based resources then the next crisis will overshadow any challenge we have faced so far. And what is so weird is that at some level we all know it – we are being like ostriches. If we don’t change now, all of our individual lives will be really threatened (not just in the 5 states around the Gulf) and we will soon have to stop everything and deal. At that point of graver, closer-to-home crisis, we will all be trying to bargain with Life saying, “ just give us chance to do it right, please don’t take my way of life or livelihood, the safety and health of my family, or have my loved ones suffer. Show me what to do, I’ll do it…anything….just give us another chance” . We won’t be worried about how many bedrooms we have yet to remodel, or the next bigger RV or weekend toy, or the fancy car we just bought on credit, or any little manipulation of people, places or things; we will be reduced to basic understanding that material stuff isn’t it and not worth sacrificing our entire humanity for. Hard as it is to face that we must change our way of life, if we want the children of today and their children’s children to inherit a world we would recognize and love, then we must make different choices based on different priorities. If we don’t do it ourselves, and soon, it will be done for us.

THINK ABOUT IT……what will it take for us to wake up and do our best to avert the crisis we are hurtling towards. In 5 - 10 years and the dye is cast, will the children of the world ask “wow, how did you do it?” or will they ask “how could you have let this happen?” For me, oddly enough it is this picture of this bird, its wings in the angel position, dripping with futility and despair. Through this I must see my faith and conviction. And I do.

There is an answer: it lies in common sense to be conservative in our use of resources and proper disposal of waste, common decency to guide us to a new world order based on harmony, mutual respect and support, equality and a way of living in partnership with Life, each other and the planet itself, Mother Earth, and a common focus to become willing to be the change we want to experience and leave for future generations. This can reverse the course we are now on.

There is an answer, it lies in our hearts – to find how to be more loving to ourselves, to each other, our earthly home and all its inhabitants. Truly, love is the answer, harmony is the path, cooperation is the practice. If we put our hand on our heart now, in this feeling and awareness of the danger we see everywhere and if we ask our own inner wisdom, what would love do know, what is the heart’s direction to us, we will each hear our own answers and they will be uplifting, inspiring, practical. If we first seek the wisdom of Life, then if we share our answers and seek to live by those answers and support each other (with no shame and blame for the past), then we have a good chance. In this way we make ourselves available to life - to be the place It expresses more in order, abundantly and harmony.

The answer is up to me…it is up to us.

What do our hearts tell us now???

If you want to send me your answers, I will put them on our new website created intuitively, which sits and waits for information. Send your inspiration, your ideas, your commitments, your questions to me at info@spiritandpartners. It will take coming together of people in community, supporting each other to stand in peace, love and dedication to be the change the world needs now.

With deep compassion and even deeper hope and faith is what is possible –
I am

Barbara Leger

And you might visit NRDC site at and find great simple steps to take to be part of the solution – I just joined with a small donation-



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