This site is sponsored by TEMENOS: Center for Self-Realization, the Ukraine Science of Mind community and it honors, celebrates, explores and presents partnerships that are working for the greater good. The VISION of this site is a beautiful restful space to share and be inspired by expansive new world views and visions and the purpose of this site is doing our part for Science of Mind’s goal - to touch and transform 100 million lives – and to have the global partnership community invigorate us all.

Our basic philosophy is that Spirit is always at the center of all interaction and therefore, as we enter into any mutually agreed activity conscious of its’ spiritual nature, we create partnerships that are uplifting, empowering and enduring.

We see that one of the intrinsic goals of any partnership is to expand the experience and presence of joy, growth and harmony in our lives, giving everyone greater opportunities to develop new skills and capabilities. In other words, conscious partnerships are learning environments, assisting us to be and do more of what we were born to be and do.

Learning the great art of co-operation and collaboration (required for effective partnerships) develops in us the capacities required to co-create this brave new world. We are being drawn together by the inner urge of our oneness and wholeness, by the eternal spring of inner wisdom which guides us back to our selves, remembering of who we are – spiritual beings having a human experience.

On Partnerships & Visions page we will share the partnerships that we are currently involved with in the hopes that they inspire you to go out and create some exciting partnerships of your own. As Scoop Nisker used to say “if you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own”. . Together we will inspire and expand our collective capacity to co-create a world that brings us joy and works for everyone.


My beloved Aunt Chee and I wrote this 20 years ago:

We are all being called to live a new life – one that is free from struggle and strive.

Impossible you say, that will just never be – of course it is possible through you and through me.

This brave new world needs our vision and hope – to build up our strength and do more than cope

With the stress and frustrations that fill up each day and keep us from learning that love is the way.

For love is the answer, it is our birthright – of this simple truth we must never lose sight.

So know it is written for the whole world to see – Good will to all and On Earth Peace Shall Be.


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