One of a kind products from Ukraine

From the creative minds and hands of the TEMENOS
Science of Mind communtiy, we offer these first products.


‘Inspiration Cards’ – a teaching tool for teachers, practitioners and students, with quotes from Dr. Ernest Holmes and affirmations from our students. The cards are designed using original art created to complement the quote and the affirmation. Entire concept, design and production created by members of TEMENOS: Ukraine SOM Community. click here for further information

Hand Made Custom Jewelry from Ukraine
Designed / created by Tamara,
member of TEMENOS: Ukraine SOM Community

All proceeds benefit TEMENOS and the growth of SOM in Ukraine.
Designs can be made in any color combination, such as your community colors.
Please contact us for any product orders


#1 - SOM symbol necklace pendants




# 2 – Circular, spiral design neck pendant




# 3 – Butterfly necklace pendant  



# 4 –Ceremonial necklace and bracelet



# 5 – Ceremonial necklace  


Please contact us for any product orders

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