Freedom lies in silent repose in the heart of any challenge that faces us, be it family, financial, health, relationship, work or adventure. The possibilities of our life are truly endless and unlimited and the only thing that stands in the way is whatever we let be in that limiting position. AND the good news is that we have the power to breakthrough any limitation using the greatest tool we have – our self and our ability to feel, think and chose.

Metaphysics teaches that we do in fact change our experience by changing our mind, that our perspective of the event determines our experience of the event. We all probably would agree with this. So why is it that we ever suffer the pain of failure, loneliness, illness, betrayal and other vagaries of the life journey? I can tell you what I have found to be true of myself and the many individuals I have the pleasure to work with; it is because we don’t do the work to change the fundamental consciousness nor do we remove the barriers in our own thinking, feeling and behaving. I used to think that just knowing what is true, or how it works, would bring me the life of unlimited possibility but not so. It is simply enough to understand that to experience love we have to be loving, and yet, if we have not removed the persistent, and often hidden belief that we aren’t worthy of love, then we will experience the absence or pain of love and then get discouraged, saying that it just doesn’t work. But as Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind said, “it works perfectly by not working” showing us that it is done unto us as we believe.

BREAKTHROUGH Counseling, Consulting and Coaching.

This new program provides one on one service by telephone and SKYPE with Rev. Barbara Leger, who’s 15 years of practitioner counseling, 17 years of coaching and consulting, combines with her 9 years of senior spiritual leader of TEMENOS and becomes a great resource for you. If you would like to get seasoned spiritual support, great coaching for a project, send me an email and we will set up a time to meet, either on the telephone or on SKYPE(a free connection service).

BREAKTHROUGH Counseling / Consulting / Coaching offers an invitation to dissolve those barriers one at a time, logically, emotionally and consciously. This service provided by TEMENOS is designed to support anyone who is ready and willing to be available to a full and juicy life. Together, we will explore the field of possibility, identify the barriers to fulfillment and set about the task of making the substantive changes in belief, thought, word and action that will reveal the splendor of our infinite, prosperous and generous authentic selves.


Individual Sessions Are Prepaid

Center for Self Realization

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$75 pr Session

Center for Self Realization

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$65 pr Session

Center for Self Realization

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All services are prepaid and all revenue goes directly to TEMENOS


Watch for the coming news about new on-line courses to help you breakthrough your self-imposed barriers to the life you desire.

The first on-line class will be: When Anyone MUST Win, Everyone Loses and the required text will be The Art of Possibility (Benjamin and Rosamund Zander), one of the best and most useful books I have every read. A tiny exerpt, “In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold”. October/November is the planned date.

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Here is an idea: Be like Michelangelo and chip away everything that is not the authentic you and you will discover the amazing reality of being yourself and loving it.


All spiritual growth, 100 percent of it, is about releasing or eliminating
rather than attaining something, because we’re already It spiritually


— Author anonymous

Your vision will become clear when you look into your Heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, wakens.
— Carl G. Jung


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Through The NOT-WHOLE

When Anyone MUST Win, Everyone Loses


Rev. Barbara Leger is Community Spiritual Leader for TEMENOS: Center for Self-Realization. Since arriving almost 9 years ago on Sept 11th, 2001, Rev. Barbara realizes that her life (and all life actually) is a constant process of evolving consciousness. She now perceives her role of Spiritual Leader as being the facilitator and model of inspired learning and living, leading and inspiring others in leadership of the organization through the activities of the center: accredited classes in 3 cities, study groups starting up in 2 new cities, weekly lectures and healing circles and monthly community visioning as well as social programs and personal support services. Supporting her in the consciousness of this work are her 17 practitioners.

Serving on the UCSL VISION CORE, the Visioning Process has anchored the spiritual practice that Rev. Barbara practices and teaches her fast-growing, community of consciously evolving people. Her community understands the role of visioning as a powerful vehicle for tapping into the infinite and the grace of God’s wisdom.

Rev. Barbara is convinced that there is a new world emerging in the consciousness of people all around the world and there will come a time when we will all live in peace, love and harmony with the majesty & mystery of Life, with ourselves and with each other. She dedicates her experience on earth to learning to live this truth in support of the process of its global realization and sees her current work with theme of moving from competition to partnership as the next step of her own studies.

Two websites is a bilingual presentation of TEMENOS and our programs and community news and activities, with thousands of photos of this amazing country and people.
is another just in process of getting up and running because we have a lot to learn about living in harmony and partnership with each other and the planet AND THE TIME IS NOW!!

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