Truth or Fantasy
by Rev. Michael Torphy



There came into the global awareness a sense of renewal, a clear indication of the oncoming spiritual evolution, which was caught amongst a growing population. And even though everywhere anyone may look it seemed like everything was falling apart, amongst this growing population there was a calm, a peacefulness, a reassured knowing that could not be swayed. Along with the calm was an irresistible urge, an unquenchable thirst to spread the good news that we are on the cusp of a new cosmic, human vibration.

To these individuals there is no mistaking what must be done. There can be no hesitation of the heart in the movement towards being the center of the evolution. For those who know, it is easy to begin living the vibration. For those that seem blocked from the flow that is so prevalent all around us, its a matter of choice. What they eventually will be confronted with is a choice, Will I simply allow myself to believe by opening my mind and heart, or do I continue to resist and relentlessly hold on by vibrating at the same level of the old paradigm?

Scads of energies are bursting through the galaxies and touching lives all over the earth.

People running around and playing games that would astound a truth thats now being birthed.

If you look through a false disguise, you will begin to realize were all privy to this new reality.

Take a flight above all your doubt and from the mountaintops begin to shout I am Gods creativity

We are near we are near.

Fear will lose to faith. Distrust will lose to love.

Selfishness dies to selflessness, despair dies to all the bliss.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, no matter what your age, race, cultural background, gender, sexual preference or what country you are from, you are the change that we all now begin to see. So why not simply be it?

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Truth or Fantasy
by Rev. Michael Torphy

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