Our Visions

The vision emerging among many spiritual beings and seekers of peace, love and joy is this:

There is a world being born – one where all people are fed, clothed, housed – where we live in harmony on this precious earthly home which we respect and take care of –a sustainable world with deep respect for the ecology of our natural environment, a world where peace prevails and cooperation and active non-violence replaces wars and violence. From eons ago to the present moment, visions of this new world have been whispered, sung about, cried for, written about and longed for by people as famous as Rumi and Jesus and Ghandi to simple, blessed people like us.

We invite you to share with us your vision of the world that works – and the partnerships that help you co-create this reality in your communities and world. We will share it here for the further inspiration of others.

TEMENOS / East & West

Vision - Humanity realizes its oneness and lives in peace and love
Purpose - We awaken through community
Mission - We learn to live and share this consciousness of unity through education, inspiration, spiritual practices, special projects and events.

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